CLICK HERE to read  ALL  of the OFFICIAL challenge rules.

Below are a few key highlights to make sure your video is not disqualified.

1.  All Video submissions must not exceed 2 minutes(120) seconds in length and be submitted by

     the deadline.

2.  Video Producer (Entrant) must currently be in grades 9-12 or college undergrads living in the

3.  Video Producer (Entrant) must complete a Registration Form and list the names of each video

     participant and/or co-producer. 

4.  Video Producer (Entrant) , co-producers or each person appearing in the video must submit

     an Authorization & Release Form (if under the age of 18, form must be signed by 

     parent or guardian).

5.  Only original or royalty-free music is allowed in the videos.  Original means you or your friend

     wrote or created it (no a cover of an existing song).  You can also purchase "royalty-free" music

     online: by checking out our resource page you can find links to many "royalty-free" music

     options. You cannot use music that you have bought or downloaded unless it is "royalty-free." 

     In other words, if you have heard on Spotify, Pandora, radio, etc. or anywhere else online, you

     cannot use it.

6.   Your video will be disqualified if it includes any of the following:

         a.  Non-allowed music (see #5)

         b. Copyright, trademark, logo or mark that shows a brand-name or other brand-named right

              of any person living or deceased.

         c.  Clothing or images that contain any visible logos, trademarks, or drawings, cartoons, or

              phrases that you did not create yourself.

         d.  Images or material copied (plagiarized) from somewhere or someone else.

         e.  Obscene, disrespectful, vulgar, insulting content (including images or actions), language,

              gang signs and/or symbols.

         f.   Acts of violence, including showing of guns or other images or gestures of weapon

         g.  Realistic or implied sexual activity including nudity.

         h.  Personal information like license plates, phone numbers, or personal addresses (physical

              or email).

         i.   Website or web page links.

         j.   Videos that show anyone drinking or pretending to drink alcohol or any drug use.

         k.  Disrespectful portrayals of any ethnic, racial, sexual or religious groups. 

         l.   Embarrassment of other people (publicly or otherwise), any assault or threatening of


        m. Trespassing or violating of other peoples rights or property.

        n.   Illegal (harassing) or inappropriate activity, behavior or conduct - like inflicting emotional


7.  Meharry-Vanderbilt-TSU Cancer Partnership and affiliates are not legally responsible or

     connected with any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind caused by or resulting from the

     challenge, including prizes awarded.

8.  Meharry-Vanderbilt-TSU Cancer Partnership and affiliates are not responsible for lost, late or

     misdirected video submissions or for electronic malfunction.

9.  Must obey and follow all federal, state, and local laws at all times. 

Rules and Guidelines

Judging Criteria

Sponsored by Meharry-Vanderbilt-TSU Cancer Partnership

1.  Does the video include correct information about one or more of the 5 cancer prevention 

     topics (HPV vaccine, avoiding tobacco, healthy eating, physical activity or skin cancer protection)?


2.  Does the video motivate peers (teens and young adults) to follow the tips for cancer prevention

     under one or more of these topics?

3.  Does the video effectively communicate the message or concept?

4.  How creative is this video in delivering the message or concept?


January 19, 2020 11:59p.m. (CST)