​​Step 1:  Get a script together.

  • Create a plan! Before you begin, think about what you want to do and how you want to do it. Have an idea of what type of video you would like to make. 
  • Have detailed visuals within each shot (including camera angles).
  • Include any music you plan to use (REMEMBER; don’t use anything with a copyright). Go here to check out allowable royalty-free music options.
  • Make sure your script is detailed enough so you can plan each shot — but don’t get bogged down with too many details.
  • Let’s face it; some of you will just wing it! 

Step 2:  Check out your locations.

  • Think about where you’ll shoot each scene. Inside a room?                                                              On the street? At your school?
  • Consider which locations will make the best visuals.
  • Which are most do-able?
  • Which may require getting special permission to shoot?
  • And are these places safe?

Step 3:  Develop a storyboard.

  • A storyboard is simply a visual of what each scene will look like.
  • These visuals can be as simple as a pencil sketch (or stick figures). Just enough to give you the basic idea.
  • You should consider having one storyboarded for each frame of each scene or each time the camera angle or background changes.
  • Or again, you may just wing it!

Step 4:  Create a schedule.

  • Chart out the time you’ll spend shooting and editing. Try to stick to the schedule so you can submit your video on time!
  • OR?? You know where this is going…you’ll wing it!

Step 5:  Get permission.

  • If you plan to shoot your video on someone’s private property, you’ll need written permission.
  • Anyone who appears on camera and can be recognized in any manner will need to sign our form.
  • If they’re under 18, their parent or legal guardian will also need to sign the form. Get these done now, because you’ll need to submit them by 11:59p.m. - January 19, 2020 (CST).
  • DO NOT WING THIS!!! This is un-wingable! 



January 19, 2020 11:59p.m. (CST)


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