Here are a few sites for video editing software options:


Consider these tips as you edit and put your video in final form.

  • Take different shots (close, wide, zoom) you can edit from here and choose your best shot.
  • Use only the shots that are needed. Often, less is more.
  • Make sure your shots last longer than 1 second. If you make them too short and choppy      we’ll be confused.
  • The right music helps set the mood and the pace.
  • Take a break after you finish a rough edit and come back later. It helps to see things again through fresh eyes. And consider getting feedback from others (like your parents or friends) while you’re editing. This might help the finished product.

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January 19, 2020 11:59p.m. (CST)


  • Try to edit to the beat of the music. Change your shots on each beat or every other beat.
  • Remember, some scenes work better without music.
  • You can’t use pre-recorded or copyrighted music unless you have a Master Use and Synchronization license! Even if it’s under 30 seconds.
  • Here’s a hint: If you’ve ever heard it on Spotify, Pandora, radio, etc., you can’t use part of it for your video. But you can use royalty-free music!
  • Another option: You or your friends can play instruments and create original music. Or you can also use software programs on your computer and make your own.
  • ALSO we found some sites that you can use for music and images.